The Metalog Distributions

About the Author

Tom Keelin (author of this website and of The Metalog Distributions) has combined a career in decision analysis practice with innovations to advance the field.  

As Chairman of Millennial Capital, LLC, he has served as general partner for multiple successful real estate funds.  He leads strategic decision-making for acquisitions, operations, dispositions, and portfolio management – using decision-analytic, modeling and probabilistic-simulation capabilities.  

Tom is also a founder and Managing Partner of Keelin Reeds Partners, a management consulting firm that provides strategy and decision analytic services. In that role, he has developed asset valuation, portfolio management, and business-development-deal-terms methodologies that have enabled greater success for dozens of client companies. In both roles, he recognized the need for better continuous-uncertainty representations, and developed and published new probability distributions accordingly. 

Previously, as a Managing Director of the Strategic Decision Group, he led the client work for and co-authored the Harvard Business Review article “How SmithKline Beecham Makes Better Resource Allocation Decisions” (Mar-Apr ’98).  Through that work, he and his colleagues invented the portfolio-management standard which subsequently was adopted widely across life-sciences industry. 

Earlier, with Decision Focus, Inc, Tom developed the Over/Under Capacity Planning model, which effectively addressed demand uncertainty in electric power system planning and was widely adopted by many utilities and regulatory commissions over the next decade.  

Tom is a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals, and a founder and director of the Decision Education Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that helps youth learn good decision skills for life. Tom holds three degrees from Stanford University: BA in Economics and MS and PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems.  Email: