The Metalog Distributions

Excel Workbooks

We offer free, downloadable Excel workbooks for practical use. There are three categories of workbooks: general, ELD (equally likely data), and SPT (symmetric percentile triplet). The ELD and SPT metalogs are special cases of the general metalogs -- tailored to common applications.
(input data)

Metalogs (Fully functional metalog workbooks for general use.) 2 to 10,000 2 to 16
ELD metalogs (Equally likely data parameters: x-data equally likely, y-data not required.)
Equation-maker (Provides, in addition, exact metalog equaitons.)
2 to 10,000 2 to 16
SPT metalogs (Symetric-percentile-triplet parameters. Ideal for decision analysis.)
3 3

Each Excel workbook contains a graphs-and-calculations worksheet, which provides instant recalculations of CDF and PDF plots for user-specified data, a table of quantiles, Excel equations for use in simulation, and, as appropriate, moments and metalog panels. The notation and graphics in these workbooks is consistent with the metalog-system notation and conventions.  Some workbooks contain an additional documentation sheet as well. 

All workbooks, except the equation-maker, are programmed without named ranges, macros, or external references so they can be easily and safely copied into other Excel workbooks while retaining their full functionality.  Each workbooks is downloadable in ".xlsx" (Excel 2007 or later) format. The Metalogs You Tube Channel provides videos for getting started with these workbooks.

These workbooks are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License CC-BY. So long as you provide attribution to Thomas Keelin, you may copy and make derivative works of any or all of their contents; and you may use them freely, including for commercial purposes. Further details of the CC-BY license are here.