The Metalog Distributions

SPT Metalogs Workbook

SPT (symmetric percentile triplet) metalogs are especially well-suited to decision analysis and other applications where, for example, 10%, 50%, and 90% quantiles are known and a continuous-probability-distribution representation is desired. They use three CDF input data points (m=3) and three terms (n=3).

SPT is the simplest metalog parameterization, and is a special case of the general metalog formulation. For a brief summary of the equations implemented in these workbooks, see the unboundedsemi-bounded, and bounded SPT-metalog equations respectively.  For more detail, see The Metalog Distributions, Section 6.2.1. If you are using metalog distributions for the first time, you may wish to start with an SPT metalog.

This workbook is programmed without named ranges, macros, or external references so it can be easily and safely copied into other Excel workbooks while retaining its full functionality.  It is in ".xlsx" (Excel 2007 or later) format. Click here for a YouTube video on how to get started with this workbook. For additional information, see the Excel Workbooks page. To download Excel workbook, click Excel icon.

SPT Metalogs
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