The Metalog Distributions

Equation-Maker Workbooks

For a given data set and input parameters (number of terms and upper/lower bounds if any), the equation-maker workbooks below provide the exact equations of the metalog quantile and probability-density functions. These equations may then be copied, pasted, and used in other Excel workbooks or applications.

These workbooks, which add functionality to the ELD Single Data Set Workbook, provide the equations just below the main graphics. In the "auto-recalc" workbook below, macros update these equations automatically with each keystroke. In the "button" workbook below, the user clicks a button on the worksheet to update the equations. For getting started, the auto-recalc version is most convenient. However, if you run into difficulties (especially if you have other Excel workbooks open), switch to the button version. 

Click here for a YouTube video on how to get started with these workbooks. This video builds on prior videos: Metalogs Workbook and ELD Single Data Set Workbook. If you are not already familiar with this prior material, view the prior videos first.

equation maker with button
equation maker with auto recalc